AMA Coaching is a comprehensive set of tools, tips and techniques used to make fundamental changes in your life. IF YOU ARE READING THIS I GUESS YOU WANT TO CHANGE SOME PART OR ALL OF YOUR LIFE? AMA Coaching will enable you to take control to make the changes to create the best life you can live.

AMA coaching will change you, increase your awareness of what is going on in your life and how your conscious and unconscious thought processes can be changed to enable you to rapidly move your life forward. It will beat that lack of motivation and it will positively change you into taking action. When you have the awareness and the motivation it will call you into action with tasks to action and goals to achieve. Your Inner Voice coach will bespoke your coaching to your individual needs, monitor your progress, ask for regular progress updates and enable you to have the life you deserve.


This is a YouTube video to motivate you into to take action. Link


Working with your Inner Voice coach you will go on a journey to explore the map you have created in your mind of your life that has brought you to this point in the Now. Your coach will focus on the Now and the future to change your conscious and unconscious thinking which in turn will positively change your behaviours. AMA coaching is the map you need to guide you to your new life…the one you’ve always wanted but have always let that something in your life get in the way…well until Now!


This is not a one hit wonder or a quick fix solution, but permanent lasting change that will take you forward in life and be with you for all of your future.  It’s a map to guide you were you want to go. When you follow this programme and perform the tasks you will start to have a positive way of thinking, you will start to take on new challenges and your energy levels will grow. The bad habits that you have collected over time will begin to fall away and you will start to place good habits in their place. Life will be full of happiness and you will begin to feel fulfilled.


AMA coaching has taken knowledge from different coaching sectors to create what is a unique, awesome and fun coaching programme .For the mind we have used techniques from NLP and MINDFULNESS to positively change your conscious and unconscious mind. For the body and the mind we have taken nutritional tips from nutritional experts and taken different training programmes for sports, e.g. cycling, running etc. Your Inner Voice coach works in partnership with qualified sports coaches to maximize your physical sporting ability. This unique focus on your life, health and wealth develops you to reach your life goals.


The difference between peak performance and poor performance is not intelligence or ability; most often it’s the state that your mind and body is in.”  Tony Robbins


Inner Voice not only focuses on your life and your health through AMA coaching, but it also focuses on your Wealth too. We have programmes within AMA coaching on career development, mentoring, financial detox and wealth management. AMA coaching is all about helping you to change your life, either by focusing on a specific piece or the whole. It is as bespoke and individual as you are. Life is made of more than one thing but you need only to change one element in your life to begin your path to change your future. This is why we look at all aspects of life, health and wealth, but it’s your choice as to how much or little that you want to focus on to improve your life as it’s your life! Your Inner Voice coach will help guide you through developing your life map for the future and give you trusted advice on how best to proceed for the best long lasting results.


AMA coaching brings out the inner you the one you that you want to be but have trouble finding. It was a quote from a great author who said, "Every human has four endowments, self-awareness, consciousness, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom, the power to respond to change" STEPHEN COVEY 8 HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.


AMA Coaching is not about quick fixes! It’s about long lasting sustainable results that stay with you for life and make you the best person that you can be. The real secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old you of the past, but by building on the new you now and focusing on your future. So if you are curious why not take the first step to taking control of your life and start your journey today to become a better you. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.


AMA coaching starts from the moment you’re awake and become aware. You are motivated immediately in the morning when your energy levels are at their highest to deliver the best results for you to succeed through-out the day. Enabling you to have a period of reflection every evening to enjoy and savour your successes. Then you will have a restful worry free night’s sleep, waking refreshed in the morning to continue building on your previous day’s successes. At Inner Voice we’ll look to ensure you have the best coaching from nutrition, exercise, self-awareness through to career development and even wealth management. Each program is as unique as the individual to ensure you become the best person you can be in life and you enjoy all the rewards that brings. So if you want to become leaner, fitter, healthier, more confident, a better communicator and enjoy all the richness life has to offer or even rid yourself of a phobia or an addiction, then change your life forever with AMA Coaching.


AMA coaching is a partner to go on the journey of your life with to improve your life your health and wealth to manage and develop a self-awareness that people will be in ore of. Your body will change for the better, your mindfulness will grow and you will develop a more positive focus on life. You will become the best person you always wanted to be and have the best life you can have. You will start seeing new rewards and confidence in life. People will complement you on the new you, the journey you have taken, the goals you achieved and they’ll ask you how you did it! You’ll say you did it with the support of your Inner Voice coach and you will recommend they do it as well to change their life. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.








Did you know?

Some amazing facts about your Brain…


  1. Your brain is 2% of your body weight but it consumes approximately a quarter of the oxygen that you breathe
  2. Your brain cells send and receive signals from the brain and around the body very quickly indeed at over 270kph. That’s why you feel pain so quickly if you hit any part of your body.
  3. Contained within your brain are over 100 billion nerve cells, known as substantia nigra and they are responsible for processing your information.
  4. Your brain has the incredible ability to store masses of information. It is able to store all that you see, hear, feel and sense during your lifetime. If your brain were a hard drive it would on average have the ability to store some 4 terabytes of data. Storage isn’t the problem, recovery is!
  5. What we eat will affect your brain. In a New York study of over one million students who ate their meals without preservatives, on average they were scoring higher grades on IQ tests by 14%.


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