It is a great feeling when you get the job of your dreams and your foot is firmly on the career ladder. However, in today’s fast moving market place the hard work isn’t over. There will always be someone else who wants your job and that’s why you must every day prove how valuable you are and indispensable you are to the company if you are going to have a career. In business it is all about continuity, as you are only as good as your last days work. You have to be on you’re a game every day! Demonstrating your value is essential if you wish to grow as an employee, with the company and achieve a successful career. There are many more benefits to being more valuable at work too, for example, being more motivated at work and enjoying your job! In addition to the financial rewards that come with being excellent at your role.




Don’t sit around waiting to be spoon fed instructions as it is not going to earn you any reward points and it won’t help your standing in the team with your colleagues. Make sure you stay up-to-date on business trends so you can generate your own ideas and this way will enable you to seek your own opportunities. If your manager or your peers are up to their eyeballs with work then offer to help them to further develop your skills and most importantly prove your knowledge and value to the company.




It’s simple, don’t be a loner. You need to work well and connect with your colleagues. Forming connections across the business will increase your value and will encourage long-term business relationships that may maintain throughout your career. Remember: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Make sure you know more than just the people who work around you. Network with everyone to learn the whole business process. A good relationship can make all the difference when there is a high priority deadline and you need help to succeed. Remember though to always to praise and thanks colleagues for their help. They’ll be more inclined to do it again that way.




If you’re a reliable employee you’re more likely to have success within the company. Confirming your commitment to the role through simple things like meeting deadlines, offering ideas and solutions to arising tasks and picking up a little extra when someone if off sick or on holiday will build trust and show you’re serious about the business, proving you are valuable at work. If you go out in the evening with your colleagues ensure you are the first one in the office in the morning. It shows you are committed to your career and can have fun too.




Like in any business, there will always be a time when something changes, especially in the fast pace of business. This could be a trivial change, like having to move desks, or something more considerable, like a new management re-structure. It is pretty obvious that the employee who treats these changes like a monumental obstacle will be the first to go. The best thing to do is to embrace the change and go with it. Now if you can offer a constructive idea to further support the change this will confirm your value within the company.




Not every day is going to be a great day in your mind, but a little self-belief can go a long way. So remain focused, organised and prioritise your work load so you’re less likely to get stressed when the pressure is on. Remaining positive helps keep up morale in the office, creating a pleasant and engaging atmosphere. Remember, you can constructively ask for help too if you feel likely you’ll not meet a deadline. Your boss will appreciate having a positive conversation before the deadline, instead of a negative one after the deadline has been missed.




You may have a plethora of skills that landed you the job or you may not. However, it is extremely important to keep learning and retaining skills if you wish to grow within the company. By increasing your own knowledge and capabilities and giving your fellow employees an insight, you will be able to show you are more valuable at work. Continue to look for development opportunities through online training, job shadowing, courses or exams. The key is to always be learning to keep moving your career forward. The moment you stop, someone else will look to be climbing over you.

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