“Create a life where you are  thriving, not just surviving”

“There is no reality except the one  contained within us”

Do you really tend to control the events in your life, or are events controlling you? The amount of stress you feel is directly related to how in control you feel about your life. The more you are effected by what is happening around you the less in control you are of the most important thing…. Your Life


It’s so easy to let the events around us take control of us – unless we take control of our own minds! What we choose to focus on has a massive effect on how we feel. If you focus on the things you can’t control – such as the past, or what’s missing from your life – you will feel stressed, overwhelmed, and depressed.


Leaders focus on what they can control, what they have, and what they want. Once you change your focus in this way, you will become a creator again, instead of just a manager of your life. It’s easy to lose that vision as you experience disappointments along the way and listen to that negative inner voice that doesn’t pay rent in your head. We’ve all been there – life seems to crush something that you were excited about, or someone betrays you, or you betray yourself. Life is about focusing on your goals to create yourself and if you fall, ensure you fall forward to maintain momentum and pick yourself up to achieve your vision. You must focus on where you want to go and not on what you fear in your mind.


To create a life where you’re thriving, not just surviving, you must focus on creating a compelling future. Pick anything – a goal, dream, or desire – that you want so much, you’re going to find yourself compelled to make it happen. If you want to thrive, you have to focus on the things you can control, the difference you can make, and the things that are already in your life that you’re grateful for. Inner Voice will help you to unleash your power within to create the life you desire and deserve.


Think of your life like a camera and focus in on the image that is important to you and capture the positivity. If it isn’t in focus take the picture again until the colourful image is firmly stored in your mind. Inner Voice can help to navigate you through your images to get rid of those negative images and focus on that perfect picture for your vision of your life. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.


Take 3 minutes out for yourself and check out this inspirational YouTube video on the Meaning of Life.







The fear of -------?


You fill in the blanks! There are lots of phobias, they can be all sorts of things and they can create anxiety. However, whatever they are they are all in your mind!


Phobia’s and Anxiety come in all shapes and sizes. Some big, some small, some huge, some tall. Whatever the size the question is always the same, “How do I rid myself of this?” Working with you Inner Voice coach they can work with you to ride you of this personal baggage that you have acquired in life and help to lift this weight from your mind and your shoulders. They can be banished for good! Wouldn’t that feel great and how much would that change your future? See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.


A woman was in the dentist and began to clench her mouth shut and close her eyes tightly, as soon as she heard the noise of the drill. She knew that her daughter had previously been in before her and had gone through her treatment without a hitch, so why had she been full of anxiety and dread leading up to the appointment and now she couldn’t even open her mouth! What happened? Fear of the dentist! This is just one small situation where all rational thinking has left the mind and the voice in your head sounds like a voice possessed. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.




Do you feel you suffer from lack of CONFIDENCE? Is it at work or at home?

It could be you lack the confidence in work when you see something not going how it should and you are just too afraid inside to speak out in case you make a mistake. Maybe you are looking to start a new relationship with the person you have had a crush on for ages and you just can’t get up the courage to go and talk to them encase you get rejected.

Or just maybe you are simply too afraid to talk in front of a group of people to give a presentation.  
Well don't panic, because at Inner Voice we care and can help you to create a more confident you so you no longer fear the things you want in life and you can attract the people you want in your life. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.


With our Inner Voice confidence coaching you will be speaking up for what you want and will be talking with confidence to the people who you want to talk to.


START TODAY TO FIND THAT SUPER PERSON INSIDE OF YOU! See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.




Our beliefs mostly originate from childhood and are simply based on a perception of events at the time they were formed. Simple generalisations can be internally made by a single experience or through trial and error and then they form our beliefs. These create “limiting” beliefs that become our daily norm that we fall into as part of our daily routine.


"Change your beliefs and you'll change your thoughts!

Change your thoughts and you'll change your habits!

Change your habits and your life opens to unlimited possibility!"

Gail Lynne Goodwin


It is hard to see what your beliefs are as they are deep in the unconscious mind.

For example "I could never start my own business I am not clever enough”. The belief here is that they are not clever and they just might not have enough knowledge of what they need to start-up their business and this they can learn once that limiting belief is removed. Wouldn’t that feel great and how much would something like this change your future? See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.


There are many different examples of limiting beliefs that hold people back. At Inner Voice we can help you take those negative limiting beliefs and turn them into positive beliefs. It’s your mind and you can do as you wish with it! With support from Inner Voice you can change your thoughts to create new habits and create a new world of possibilities. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.




Your Inner Voice coach will work with you using the tools of NLP, AMA Coaching and Post-It notes to examine where you are in life.  You’ll be asked about what you wish to change and what problems you want to overcome in life. Walking through different exercises your Inner Voice coach will work out what you map of the world looks like today and will work through what thought processes are required to change that map to create the life you want.


Working with you your Inner Voice coach will develop your awareness and help motivate you to create a smart life plan for you to action. This will change your life and your future. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.


So act now to explore all the future possibilities and solutions to change your life. Add choice and widen your perceptions for you to lead the life that you have always wanted, but until now have never had the courage or the life skills to achieve it, until now. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.




"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have”, Eckhart Tolle

How crowded is it in your mind? Mindfulness is about the quieting of the mind, focused breathing and being in the present moment.

Being in the NOW is not threatening what you need to do in the future or what went on in the past, but simply being in the present moment. Sounds easy doesn’t it, so why doesn’t everyone just do it? Too many voices stop them.


Our minds are set up to look for the next thing or evaluate what went on in the past so we can learn from the past and what we’ve classed in our mind as our mistakes. When really there are no mistakes just feedback. It’s not the past or the future where you live in the world, it is the present, the HERE & NOW. You live now, you feel now, you think now and you breathe now. So the now is where you need to focus yourself and your mind. Your Inner Voice coach can support you to achieve this and to achieve it daily to have a more enjoyable well-being.


Films and TV have put an image around meditation and mindfulness of sitting around and chanting. Well that’s as well as it maybe for some, but it really depends on what works for you.  Mindfulness is as individual and personal as you are. The more we are now starting to understand how the mind works the more mindfulness is becoming an important part of calming and re focusing people to overcome their life troubles and challenges. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.


It only needs as little as 5 minutes a day to take time out and go to our mindful place. It slows your heart and refocuses you to move forward and focus on better things. You can do it anywhere with no special equipment, just you, your mind, your lungs, air and away you go. It’s easy once you know how.


To learn more please contact Inner Voice and we will help you find that calm place in your mind and bring you back to the NOW. See our Inner Voice menu for packages and prices.